Landscape & Propagation

Ellepot Jumbo has proven results in the field. Annual bedding displays to revegetation plantings. More uniform establishment with less mortality. Superior root structure, which ensures faster take off and subsequent growth.
The advantages don’t stop here
  • Paper is less than half the cost of a 100mm plastic pot
  • Quicker turns in the greenhouse
  • Fast plant out. No pots to remove from plants and therefore no pots to retrieve from the job site, saving up to 40% on labour cost.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable – 100% biodegradable.
  • No plastics storage and recycling.
  • One pallet of paper = 700 000 plastic pots (100mm)
  • Sizes of 70, 80 & 100mm trays will soon be available in Ellepot Air Trays.

Fruit & Nuts

Grow greener and eliminate plastic bags with the Ellepot Jumbo system.
  • No plastic to remove, easier packing/shipping, no plastic pot to dispose or return.
  • Faster and healthier rooting.
  • Reduce labour costs through easier and faster transplanting.
  • Easier, faster and smoother transplanting.
Ellepots can be transplanted directly into the ground and thereby eliminating transplant shock. Transplantation is fast and smooth. You can experience a significant reduction in labour cost. Studies show that logistics cost can actually be reduced by up to 30-40%. When switching from plastic to paper Ellepot Jumbo. When switching from plastic to paper Ellepot Jumbo

Step Ups

Start your crop by planting into a smaller 30mm Ellepot in 98 cell tray. Then transplant into a Jumbo size. 100mm Ellepot then into 8 cell tray for the final growing stage and transplant into the field.

Air Trays

Ellepot Air Trays enhances root architecture and root pruning. The trays are unique and designed to provide optimal air circulation. Better drainage and prevent circling and girdling of roots. All trays are specially developed for improved production efficiency, automation and optimized handling.

The option

Purchase an Ellepot Jumbo machine, Ellepot air trays and Ellepot paper, if you are working with larger scale production. Or you can also order Ellepots Prefilled from Proptec for your programmed production.


  • Replace plastic pots
  • Reduced plant-out costs. No pots to remove from plants or collect and remove from the job site
  • 25% reduction in the crop cycle
  • Eliminates root circling of constriction
  • Very high establishment rates. No transplant shock
  • Sizes of 70, 80 & 100mm trays will soon be available in Ellepot Air Trays.