Ellepot Fully-Automatic Machines

Jumbo Flexline

Fully automatic production of Jumbo Ellepots from Ø 90-120 mm. High capacity and robotic insertion of pots into trays.

Our machines are a part of our unique Ellepot Propagation System. The Ellepot machines deliver the highest levels of reliability and flexibility and offer cost-effective production with little risk of downtime.

Ellepot Jumbo Flexline (JET line) from Ellepot on Vimeo.

Ellepot Fully-automatic Jumbo Flexline


  • Pot Diameter: 100-120mm
  • Capacity per hour: Up to 5000 pots per hour (depending on pot size and peat)
  • Pot length/height: 100mm to 240mm
  • Technical: Add-on options available