Standard: Peat, Perlite-30%. Starter charge. Wetting Agent and TRI-D25.

High Porosity: Peat, Perlite- 60%. Starter charge. Wetting Agent and TRI-D25.

TRI-D25 is a biological inoculum of beneficial bacteria. This additive is optional and can be omitted.

Without TRI-D25. Reduce the price by 2%.

Custom blends made to your specifications also available.

An MSDS is available on request.

PH ranges: 5.4- 6.0 EC ranges: 0.5-1.0

Flexi Mix is ideal for greenwalls.

Ellepot Prefill Mix

*We recommend you always test PH & EC prior to sticking and monitor as crop progresses.

*All Purchase Orders must specify which Mix and Paper are to be used in your order.

Note: Degradability is dependent on growing and is not guaranteed. Fungicide coating does not eliminate mould risk. Peat moulds are naturally occurring in any peat mix.

Fleximix for greenwall