Growing media and supplements for hydroponics and nurseries

Accredited substrates you can rely upon.




Terrafibre Hemp

Additive & Supplements

Natural Products for plant health

Growing Media

Organic or inorganic

For any application

Take the guesswork out of production

Not seeing the results?
Uneven germination and slow growth of your microgreens are common problems.
Unsightly soil media residues cause contamination of the leaves.

Quality of growing media can determine the final result. Inconsistent quality of coir equals fluctuating EC and PH.

Washing, buffering and structure stability matters.


Continuity of supply is becoming an important consideration for stress free production.

We understand that you want peace of mind  

Know the products you use will work.

Affordable quality

Coir subject to QC standards so no surprises

Hemp mats for Microgreens


OMRI Coir – Preferred

Many natural supplements are organic certified

Proven products

What works for us can work for you!

Tested over many years.

We know you want to grow the best food or flowers

You need products that deliver the results.

   We  believe clean sustainable hemp for microgreens or growing media that performs consistently every time, are what you deserve.

Our base media and supplements are used in the mixes we use for Ellepots and TopMix propagation substrates.

We aim to remove the variables so you get the results.

Product Choices

Growing Media

TopMix Coir

Crop Supplements

Nutri-Tech Microbes
Natural Plant health


Greencare Complete
Nutri-Tech Fertilisers

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