A new product range offered by Proptec, TopMix is a premium propagation and potting media manufactured using premium Baltic block peat, Select RHP Coir, high grade perlite and zeolite in your specific ratios.

All blends have our granular Oasis Soax incorporated for long lasting re-wetting action and Nutri-tech beneficial biologicals to inoculate against disease.


Expanded perlite is a lightweight soil conditioner, loosens clay soil, reduces caking, and improves drainage and aeration.

Perlite can be used as a substrate for hydroponics.

Blend peat moss and perlite for custom soilless mixes. Can be used to start seeds, propagate cuttings and store bulbs.

Terrafibre Hemp

All Terrafibre products are made from 100% industrial hemp fibres. The natural fibre provides the strength and water holding capacity necessary for the growth of young plants. The strong yet loose weave of hemp fibre provides the water and air necessary for a high germination rate. Hemp being one of the strongest natural fibres on earth provide the strength of a synthetic fibre while still being fully biodegradable after use, making Terrafibre products the most sustainable on the market.

TopMix Coir Grow Bags and Blocks

TopMix Coir Growbags are filled with our high-quality coco substrate, but it has deliberately been left untreated. Simply rinse and treat before use to obtain the desired pH and EC levels.

An excellent budget choice, Essential Growbags are OMRI-listed. They are the perfect budget choice for crops like tomatoes, cut flowers, and hemp. All Growbag options can be supplied in our Quick-Bag format. These have a tear away top, which unfolds to create a deep, open container. All our growbags are available in TopMix Select, Preferred or Essential coir configuration.


Zeolite 2-4mm

Zeolite is used in most of our TopMix potting medias to aid in the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). Zeolite is a usefull additive for premium potting mixes.

Baltic Peat

Baltic peat is widely known for its physical, biological, and chemical properties. The climate and geological conditions in these latitudes foster the development of the valuable properties of peat.

The most important component of soil is organic substances, which make up the structure of soil and are an essential growth stimulant. Peat ensures high moisture absorbability, air circulation around the plant roots, and low heat conductivity, thus creating optimum conditions for cultivating plants and stimulating development of the root system. Baltic peat ensures the best possible environment for plant development and the formation of a root system.

TopMix Select Coir

Our premium RHP quality coir now called TopMix Select and is ready-to-use, no rinsing or treatment is required. Select coir is best for sweet peppers, soft fruit cultivated in high-tech growing systems, and other demanding crops. Select coir is guaranteed low in potassium, sodium and chloride thanks to the RHP quality treatment process. EC is < 0.5.

Available in four fractions. *6mm Chip shown

TopMix Preferred Coir

TopMix Preferred coir is ideal for hydroponics due to the lower EC readings.

As usual, this quality coir is available in four fractions.

100% Pith
100% 10mm Chip
100% 6mm Chip
60% Pith:40% Chip blended.
*10mm Chip shown.

TopMix Essential Coir

New TopMix Essential coir is the perfect budget choice. Essential is our new standard range of coir. Essential coir is ready to be rinsed and treated by the end-user. That way growers can save costs and meet the exact needs of their crops. Recommended for tomatoes, cut flowers, hemp, etc.

Available in four fractions.

Oasis AeroMax

Horticubes AeroMax, a new hydroponics growing media. Engineered with a unique open matrix, the increased porosity of the new AeroMax growing media leads to greater airflow and maximizes the opportunity for oxygen to get to a plant’s root zone.

This helps crops grow faster and stronger, allowing young plants to prosper in the maximum air-filled substrate. Due to its enhanced porosity, air and nutrients constantly replenish a plant’s root zone, promoting stronger and healthier roots through each watering cycle.


The blocks are individually wrapped in UV resistant white plastic on four sides and supplied in convenient tear away strips.

The base of the Growblocks are grooved to promote uniform and complete drainage preventing the occurrence of root rot. If the plant begins to become root bound in one of these Growblocks you can either place the block right on top of a slab and let the plant root into the slab.

Sizes range from 7.5cm square to 15cm square and up to 15cm tall. These Growblocks work excellent in all ebb and flow or drip hydroponic systems.