Baltic Peat

Fine texture peat Use: The fine texture ensures a very high level of water retention. It is often used as soil to foster sprouting (frequently for automatic sowing lines). Suitable for the reproduction of seed vegetables, trees, decorative plants.

Standard-sized peat Use: This is the most popular type of peat, which is universal and intended for a broad range of plants and substrates. Standard-sized peat can be used for preparing a balanced soil mix, because peat can ensure an optimum water circulation level and drainage.

Coarse fraction peat Use: This peat is intended for perennial potted plants because they ensure high air capacity.

Peat substrates Pre formulated Greenterra substrates are produced in modern mixing facilities where the peat’s texture is maintained.


Baltic Peat

Baltic peat is widely known for its physical, biological, and chemical properties. The climate and geological conditions in these latitudes foster the development of the valuable properties of peat.

The most important component of soil is organic substances, which make up the structure of soil and are an essential growth stimulant. Peat ensures high moisture absorbability, air circulation around the plant roots, and low heat conductivity, thus creating optimum conditions for cultivating plants and stimulating development of the root system. Baltic peat ensures the best possible environment for plant development and the formation of a root system.

You can use the peat that we offer as a raw material for producing substrates, as well as to improve the soil in horticulture and agriculture.