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Coir substrate has a variety of uses, depending on the way the coconut husk is processed. It can be divided into three forms: Husk Chips (HC), Coir Pith (CP) and Blend.

Husk chips are produced by cutting fresh green husk into sleeves and chipped afterwards.

Coir pith is fine material combed off the coconut fibres.

Blend is the whole husk ground to form a combination of chip and pith.



Select Coir - RHP Quality
After treatment that includes ongoing washing and buffering the raw material gains RHP certification that is necessary for it to be considered for use in Holland. It is free of weed seed and is monitored throughout the entire process. EC is typically < 0.05mS/cm @ 1:1.5 dilution.

Preferred Coir - Washed Unbuffered Coir
Some coir products can be washed but unbuffered which can result in the release of Na and K from the coir at a later stage in your production. This has EC raising effect in your potting mix and can be problematic for salt sensitive crops. Usually less than 1.0 mS/cm

Esssential Coir - Unwashed Coir
This product has the highest EC readings usually well above 1.0 mS/cm. Essential coir is mostly used as a component in potting media at less than 20% by volume. Hydroponic growers should use with caution and pre-flush the coir with clear water to remove unwanted salts.

Expanded Coir
Coir is available already expanded into bulk bags holding two cubic metres.

Perfect for hydroponic growers growing in containers.