Oriand a liquid organic fertiliser

Oriand – Thrip deactivator

  • Organic compound based on several plant extracts.
  • Upsets thrip feeding patterns causing them to cease to feed and lay eggs.
  • Important to use weekly.
  • Begin to use before the active thrip breeding season in spring.
Derunedbv NATURAL CROP PROTECTIONOriand-10L Natural Crop Protection


Alsa repels thrips and other insects and makes insect control more effective.

  • Repels thrips and other insects exposing them to regular pesticides.
  • Garlic odour and taste of the plant becomes unattractive to the insect.
  • Insects become more accessible.
  • Alsa is systemic in the plant.
  • Remains active in the plant for 7-10 days.
  • Application via dosing pump.
  • Can be applied along with the nutrients.
Alsa Natural Crop Protection


Saponin is a natural wetting agent

  • Based on extracts of Yucca.
  • Improves the effectiveness of crop protection products.
  • Causes no leaf burn or flower petal markings.
  • Fast crop drying time.
  • Can be used with all common products for integrated pest management.
Saponin-10L Natural Crop Protection


Complete Nutrients Greencare invented the first fertilizer that contains all 12 nutrient elements that are needed for the complete life cycle of the plant in a completely water soluble form. Balanced Nutrients Greencare produces specialty formulations needed for each stage of plant growth: seed sprouting, green top growth, flower bud for fruiting, and ripening for harvest quality. Each stage of growth requires a different ratio of balanced nutrients. Environmental Protection Greencare fertilizers contain no hormones, unnecessary elements or fillers that only increase weight and cost. 100% of all the elements are used for plant growth from seed sprouting to high quality harvest. Dissolves Quickly Greencare fertilizers is used completely without any sediment producing a clear solution. Fertilizers produce solutions in a variety of colours including: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, orange and pink.

Fully Ionic State Plants can only use nutrient elements in the ionic form; whether the fertilizer is organic, chemical or biological in origin. If the fertilizer is completely dissolved it is in the ionic form. Greencare proprietary chemistry uses SEPLEX to produce a completely ionic fertilizer solution. Good Compatability Greencare fertilizer has good compatibility with most plant protective chemicals and can be applied with pesticides saving labour. Originality The chemistry of produce fertilizer crops of the highest quality in the shortest period of Time and improve soil quality. This originality assures the most cost effective fertilizer to yield the best profitable economic return.

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