Cellular rooting sponge® technology in a loose mix

FlexiMix® is a peat-based potting soil that is manufactured in a process similar to Quick Plug North America’s FlexiPlugs®. The resulting rooting sponge is then shredded into a granular material. FlexiMix® has high air-filled porosity and a uniquely high water holding capacity. This means not only greater water retention (and thus less watering by you) but an aggregate structure that will prevent over-watering. FlexiMix® also contains a blend of organic substrates, micronutrients and active biologicals that will ensure your young plants thrive.

FlexiMix® resists soil compaction longer than traditional mixes which makes it an excellent choice for urban plantings, such as street trees and turf repair in high traffic areas. This characteristic provides a better growing environment for plants, meaning less work for you. If you would like to discuss your specific crop needs, feel free to call us today.

FlexiMix® is certified kosher.

Flexi Mix

Granule Size: 3mm-6mm      Packaging: 1.15m

Technical Data Sheet

Plant benefits

• Improved aeration

• pH balanced

• Higher water holding capacity

• Even dry down

Grower benefits

• Less watering

• Reduced compaction