Proptek Tray-15ct 80mm 160 Deep

15ct Nesting Global tray. Used for 80mm x 160mm Ellepots.

New for 2021, this 15 cell container holds 15 individual 80mm diameter Ellepots that are the perfect size for the secondary stage of propagating many fruit trees and also larger landscape trees. The optimum height Ellepot for this container is 160 mm although Ellepots taller than this can be used if required.

Dimensions: 300mm x 525mm x160mm.
Plant Density: 92 per sq.m.

Min Sales Order Qty 492.00
Multiple Sales Order Qty 492.00
Units Per Pallet 492.00
Qty Per Carton 15.00
Brand Proptek
Type Air-Tray
Format Inject Mould
Material Polypropylene
Plug Diameter 80.00
Cell Count 15
Plug Depth 160.00
Plug Volume 804.00

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