Propagation is the essence of the horticultural industry. Without this important 1st phase of all plant production, there would not be an industry. From seed, cutting division or tissue culture, every plant has specific needs. PROPTEC™ horticultural products have solutions for all these processes to occur in an efficient manner.

Segments of the industry have been fortunate to embrace mechanisation. Transplanters for plug production from seed derived species. Vegetative propagation has taken longer to move to Transplanter technology. Improved propagation systems are now available. Proven in Europe and America for many years.

PROPTEC™ was born from experience gained by using propagation systems at Highsun Express. Production processes formed to bring those systems to the Australian market. PROPTEC™ specializes in the supply of propagation and substrate supplies. As well as systems used in young plant production through to transplant stage.


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