We are a horticultural supply company that specialises in substrates and trays that are used from the propagating stage through to the finished pot. Our customers range from wholesale nurseries, cut flower, hydroponic producers and commercial orchards.
There is no “magic bullet” when it comes to propagation. It’s for this reason we have sourced and tested a range of products suited to your needs.Each with their own unique properties to suit your individual application.
If you’re a larger producer looking for a total in-house production system then look no further than the Ellepot Propagation System.
We sell machines that can produce from 15mm to 120mm diameter Jumbo paper pots as well as automated tray fillers.

Michael Doensen


Michael started with Proptec in 2008. His knowledge in the horticultural industry is vast and backed up by his Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc), Ornamental horticulture.

Steph Geronimos

Business Development | Sales Qld/Nth’n NSW

Ron Sheldrick


Ron started with PropTec in 2003 and bought with him a wealth of knowledge. As a qualified horticulturist, Ron has a passion for the industry and this is reflected in his customer care and service.

Lachlan Skinner

Operations Manager

Brad Skinner

Managing Director

Brad has been the Managing director of Proptec since it’s conception. He brings many years of experience gained through developing Highsun Express Plugs into a diverse propagation nursery specialising in raising seed plugs, propagating cuttings and deflasking tissue cultures.

Dewilde Lottering

Internal Sales | Ecommerce

Shannon Bamber

Internal Sales