Xcel Plug Trays


Xcel Plug Trays, The Optimal Growing Environment for Cuttings and Seeds.


Xcel Plug Trays consist of stabilised plugs made of peat, other organics and a foam binder. The consistent moisture control and optimal aeration reduce rooting times which means a faster crop turnaround for you. Xcel Plug Trays provide a ready-to-use system that increases the efficiency of your greenhouse by allowing for earlier transplanting, better crop timing and full automation.


Commercial greenhouse growers trust Xcel Plug Trays for rooting cuttings and seed germination. The production process we use can fill most North American and European configurations. Xcel Plug Trays can be dibbled to foster the optimal environment for seed germination or to allow for maximum stem to soil contact for un-rooted cuttings. The growing medium remains stable in hydroponic production and won’t clog filters.