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Propagating your own plants can be uncertain

Do you use the right media for each crop?

To achieve that, adds complexity and the possibilities of errors, resulting in inconsistency and under developed roots.

One product doesn’t suit all plants.

Plug dry down and re-wettability is important for active growth and good roots.

You just need the right tools so you can take control of your starter plants.

Ellepots and Quick Plugs, when matched to the correct tray, will result in plants with great roots.

You will reduce waste, inputs, plastic tubes and your environmental footprint.

Take control and simplify your process 

Affordable Quality

With competitive pricing our plugs and trays are valuable time savers and they are ready to use.


One of our tray and substrate combinations will give the results you're looking for.

Helpful Advice

Our horticulturalists will help you decide where to start.

Can you say you are happy with the results of all your crops?

A good strike rate is not the only goal.

The root structure and quantity of roots is what sets your crop up for later success.

Our stabilized coir based Quick Plugs, sold as Xtract, Xcel and Xcellent plugs have a better Air Filled Porosity (AFP). This is due to the unique manufacturing process, resulting in faster rooting and superior re-wettability.

Our Ellepots and Xcellent Plugs can be matched with the correct patented Air-Trays and Ellepot trays for the best root structure possible.

We can help you decide what your first trial could consist of.

Your choice of peat or coir or both

Trays & Containers


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Premade Ellepot

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Preloaded Xtract & Xcel Trays

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