Elevating Nursery Operations with Proptec: A Journey towards Efficiency, Sustainability, and Exceptional Results

In the world of horticulture, the quest for efficiency, sustainability, and exceptional results is a journey that every grower embarks on. This journey is filled with challenges, but it also presents opportunities to innovate and improve.

Here at Proptec, we understand these challenges and are committed to providing solutions that help you overcome them. Our range of cutting-edge technologies, including the Ellepot Sleeve System, Gutter Filling Technology, and the Coco Mill CM100, are all designed to transform your nursery operations, taking them to new heights.

Ellepot® Sleeve System
At the heart of our innovation is the Ellepot Sleeve System. This revolutionary technology provides customised paper sleeves tailored to your specific production needs. These soft and loosely filled sleeves are perfect for growing hydroponic baby leaf crops such as baby spinach.

The Ellepot Sleeve System is integrated into a production line, offering tremendous value. It allows for clean production with contained growing media and flexibility in the choice of growing media. Minimal waste is one of its core benefits, with the unique seeding technology ensuring secure and precise seeding.

Customised seeding spacing and multiple sleeve rows filling system add versatility to the system, catering to different gutter sizes ranging from 2 to 13 meters. Easy waste handling after harvest ensures that your operations remain efficient and sustainable.

Ellepot® Gutter Filler
Ellepot's Gutter Filling Technology is another innovative solution specifically developed for hydroponic farming. This customised system enables direct and automatic filling of pots into gutters, streamlining the entire process from seeding to harvest.

With compatibility for gutter lengths of up to 13 meters and an impressive capacity of up to 35,000 pots per hour, the Gutter Filling Technology offers outstanding value for growers. Its patent-pending fully automatic line and Ellepot Touchscreen interface ensure user-friendliness and provide you with full control over your operations.

Ellepot GF 1 & GF 2
The Gutter Filler GF 1 and GF 2 are fully automatic systems that take direct filling into gutters to the next level. With capacities of up to 4,500 and 6,500 pots per hour respectively, these systems bring unmatched efficiency to your nursery operations.

Ellepot FlexAir GF
The Ellepot FlexAir GF is a cutting-edge technology that transforms pot production. With its advanced design and innovative features, the FlexAir GF produces extra soft and airy pots, providing an optimal environment for root development. This high-capacity machine can produce up to an impressive 35,000 pots per hour, empowering nurseries to achieve exceptional productivity and efficiency.

Coco Mill CM100
When it comes to coir processing, the Coco Mill CM100 from Logitec Plus offers an innovative solution. This horticultural machine makes the processing of compressed 5kg coir blocks simple, effective, and fast. With gradual water absorption and controlled moisture levels, the Coco Mill CM100 ensures no loss of water, no spillage, and no compromise on the structure, due to the gentle tumbling process..

Your nursery's success is within reach with Proptec by your side. Our cutting-edge technologies, including the Ellepot Sleeve System, Gutter Filling Technology, and the Coco Mill CM100, are designed to empower your operations, elevate efficiency, and drive exceptional results.

With Proptec, you're not just investing in technology; you're investing in a partner who understands your journey and is committed to helping you succeed. Embrace a more sustainable and efficient approach to plant propagation with our custom-made paper sleeves, automated gutter filling, and advanced coir processing. Together, let's unlock the full potential of your nursery and join the league of innovative growers who trust Proptec for their success.


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