Xcellent Plug®


The Xcellent Plug® is the best plug for the cultivation of orchids from tissue culture. Thanks to the unique design of the plug, plant propagation and the growth phase can be completed in a single entity. The advantage comes from the airy plug structure in combination with the premium blend of raw materials. When growing Phalaenopsis, the Xcellent Plug® ensures a cultivation improvement of up to 4 weeks.

The unique (patented) design of the plug creates the perfect condition for inserting any young tissue culture plant into the plug, minimising the risk of damaging the root structure. The overall composition of the plug ensures that the optimal amount of air and water can be provided to the root zone creating uniform growth of your precious lab plants. The Xcellent Plug® comes in bulk cases and the matching propagation trays are supplied as required.

Orchid Pots

Grower Benefits

• Optimum accessibility to air and water
• Less risk of root damage
• Faster and better rooting
• Improves automated processing
• Custom formulations available
• Guaranteed rewetting