Nutri-Tech Solutions

NTS are the world leaders in sustainable farming. The company has developed over 300 products applicable to a huge range of diverse crops.

The NTS range combines cutting-edge technology with proven biological 'essentials'. NTS currently offer over 50 ACO Certified products for organic agriculture. The uniquely formulated NTS foliar fertiliser range complements an emphasis on soil life stimulation, which includes composted fertilisers, microbial inoculums and powerhouse bio-promotants.

The NTS range of microbial products and fertilisers are used extensively in our TopMix custom blends and Ellepot substrates. We proudly sell these soil building products.

Life-Force Gold Pellets


A 'fusion fertiliser' covering all bases.

A nutrient-rich fertiliser and soil conditioner with diverse & active microbes. NTS have developed a complete fertiliser covering every aspect of plant and soil nutrition.

Life Force® Gold™ Pellets are the bridge between conventional agriculture and organics, literally containing the best of both worlds. This agronomically balanced fertiliser epitomises the NTS approach toward high yielding agriculture. Regenerative farming is the key to maximum production and crop quality which builds soil fertility while feeding both the soil biology and the plant.

NTS Root n Shoot

Promotes vigorous root growth and luxurious shoot development.

Root & Shoot™ is a new formulation specifically designed to promote rapid establishment in transplanted crops (vegetables, strawberries, tree crops etc). This product can also be used as a very effective “rescue remedy”, during times of stress (frost, hail damage, heat, wind, transplant etc). Root & Shoot™ has also proven to be a valuable tool to promote vigorous shoot development in all crops.

Nutri-Gyp Natural Gypsum

A natural gypsum which is rated Grade 1.

Chemical gypsum, derived from the manufacture of phosphate fertilisers, is no longer
recommended for many crops, as it has finally been acknowledged that the cadmium
content of this product is a problem. Nutri-Gyp™ Natural Gypsum is the solution.


A high-analysis limestone that has been crushed to talcum powder consistency to
ensure rapid calcium availability. This powder has been granulated to 1-2 mm for ease
of spreading. If you need calcium, then you need it now. Nutri-Lime™ addresses that

NTS Soft Rock

Full season phosphate supply without the lockups. NTS Soft Rock™ is a bio-friendly, colloidal clay-based rock phosphate.

A colloidal calcium phosphate that can never lock up, in stark contrast to all other phosphate sources. This exceptional fertiliser includes 8 – 9% phosphorus, 19.3% calcium, a high analysis of silicon and a rich lode of trace elements. A microbe friendly bio-phosphate, which is an integral part of our soil regeneration program. This is one of
the few phosphate sources that do not have problems with high levels of the heavy metal cadmium.

NTS Humate Granules

This high quality leonardite outperforms competing products.

These granules are ideally suited for addition with granular fertilisers, but they can also be readily dissolved to make a liquid that can be added to dissolved urea. The solubility of these granules facilitates a successful fusion with fast-release fertilisers, which is particularly important for reducing the lock-up rate of dry-applied soluble phosphate sources, stabilising urea, chelating and complexing minerals, and buffering high sodium and heavy metalsKey Performance.