Complete Nutrients

Greencare invented the first fertiliser that contains all 12 nutrient elements that are needed for the complete life cycle of the plant in a completely water soluble form.

Balanced Nutrients

Greencare produces specialty formulations needed for each stage of plant growth: seed sprouting, green top growth, flower bud for fruiting, and ripening for harvest quality. Each stage of growth requires a different ratio of balanced nutrients.


Fully Ionic State

Plants can only use nutrient elements in the ionic form; whether the fertiliser is organic, chemical or biological in origin. If the fertiliser is completely dissolved it is in the ionic form. Greencare proprietary chemistry uses SEPLEX to produce a completely ionic fertiliser solution.

Good Compatability

Greencare fertiliser has good compatibility with most plant protective chemicals and can be applied with pesticides saving labour.

Greencare 13:2:13

An Ideal start fertiliser for all plug production. Low phosphorous will keep your plugs from stretching while maintaining good colour. Added Ca & Mg makes this a complete feed for your plug. 13:2:13 is a basic fertiliser.

Greencare 14:4:14

For later growth of annuals and perennials in packs and pots. This complete fertiliser has added calcium and magnesium and is a basic fertiliser for substrate with a pH of 5.8 or below. Can be used as a plug booster to push them along.

Greencare 17:5:17

This is an all purpose complete fertiliser for all indoor & flowering pot crops. Being a neutral fertiliser, it will not cause your substrate pH to drift. This formula is specifically designed to be used as a one-bag formula to deliver a complete nutrient solution to hydroponic and aeroponically grown crops.It was developed specifically for leafy green and herb growers,but has also seen much success as the main grower formula for tomato,cucumber and pepper crops.What’s unique about this formula is its potentially neutral effect on solution pH.

Greencare 20:10:20

20:10:20 is an industry standard all purpose liquid fertiliser. A slightly acidic fertiliser will help keep the substrate pH from drifting higher. Contains no Calcium so consider providing supplimental Ca in rotation.