Loose Fill Trays

Supplier of plastic horticulture growing trays for propagation in varied cell sizes, depth and volume. Semi-rigid plug trays allow you to easily separate species in one tray, easing transplanting. Huge Range of Specialty Trays in various tray sizes.
Use: Flowers, vegetables, herbs, landscape and many others.

Horticulture plug tray benefits

Growing a plant as a plug helps to strengthen its root system while encouraging faster plant development when transplanted into the final container.

Each cell size has its own unique advantages. Smaller cell sizes offer several benefits including helping to strengthen a weaker root system while maximising space in your greenhouse area. The larger cell size allows the plug to remain in the tray longer before transplanting, allowing the plant to retain both moisture level and nutrients longer.

Before choosing that final cell size, consider your production schedule, the species- rowing pattern, including root development and the available propagation space.