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Cultivating seedlings is delicate. A small mistake can cause issues that can destroy crops and effort, leaving you depressed and devastated. Choosing the right propagation mix allows you to prevent most problems when growing your nursery. Soilborne diseases are the best examples.

With the choice, you’ll have better control over the health of your plants. You can choose the right water retention, molecular permeability, and aeration that’s perfect for the kind of crops you want to grow. 

Proptec offers TopMix and Ellepot Prefilled Mixes


We have many blends as standard or you can have mixes custom made to your specifications.

The bespoke blends are delivered in returnable bulk bags holding two cubic metres. Bags can be delivered on pallets for easy handling.

We also offer expanded coir pith and chip in bulk bags. Of course all our coir is to RHP standard, meaning - structurally stable, no weeds, buffered and washed to an EC of <0.5ms/cm and pH stabilised to a range of 6-7.

Ellepot Prefilled Mixes

Ellepot Prefilled Mixes

Standard: Perlite-45%, Peat-40%, Coir-10%, Zeolite-5%, Starter charge, Wetting Agent and TRI-D25.

High Porosity: Perlite-55%, Peat-30%, Coir-10%, Zeolite-5%, Starter charge, Wetting Agent and TRI-D25.

Many other options developed from experience including any of our new TopMix options. Custom blends made to your specifications also available.

TRI-D25 is a biological inoculum of beneficial bacteria. This additive is optional and can be omitted.

pH ranges: 5.4- 6.0 EC ranges: 0.5-1.0.

Zeolite is incorporated to enhance cation exchange.



For a starter, buy from a trusted manufacturer.

Buying from a trusted manufacturer is the best way to ensure your crops will grow healthy and strong. Not only will you have peace of mind, but you will also feel confident you are getting high-quality products mixed and prepared based on your nursery needs. Save time, money, and effort while watching your business grow and profit increase.

Choose a mix that provides proper aeration. 

Your goals are to help your plants thrive and keep them moist while providing them with proper drainage. You can achieve them by choosing the right propagation mix.