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Reduce crop loss, grow time and labour costs by up to 40%
while producing a higher quality plant for your customers.

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Did you know?

Shrinkage is the gradual loss of plants over time.

Propagation is the process by which plants grow from a variety of sources.

Plant loss shouldn’t be something you just accept.

You deserve to have horticultural products and a complete growing system that overcomes the challenges associated with shrinkage, quality and sustainability.

You want better results with your propagation, however it can be a challenge to get wholesale nursery supplies and answers to achieve your goals.

  • Inconsistent Growth
  • Crop Shrinkage
  • pH/EC Issues
  • Batch Differences In Potting Mix
  • Availability and Lead Times

We understand because we have been there before,
having owned our own large nursery, Highsun.

We’ve experienced the grief of walking through a nursery and seeing empty space where plugs should be.
We realised that every 1% reduction in shrinkage leads to a real impact on the bottom line.

Now we work with nurseries like yours to save you countless hours and help your business become more profitable.

Over 40 years of
growing experience

The first to raise seed raised plugs commercially
in Australia

Ellepot - Australia Partner

Over 70 million Ellepots sent to customers

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Profits Increase

More advanced propagation means you have less shrinkage and greater yields.
It’s time to celebrate.


We save money as the Ellepot paper is less expensive than plastic pots and save time in production as plants can be transplanted earlier.

Bruce Knox

President, Knox Nursery

"We were able to drastically reduce the production time to two to three months from the time of sticking."

Cliff Beumel

Vice President, Sierra Gold Nurseries

Finally there are answers with Proptec and Ellepot for your wholesale nursery supplies needs.

No matter what, we are in this together and we will keep working and customising your solution until it’s right for your conditions. You deserve products that work and high-quality wholesale horticultural supplies that increase your crop yield.

Benefits of Dealing With Proptec: Wholesale Horticultural Supplies & Wholesale Nursery Supplies

  • Higher profit and yield
  • Wholesale horticultural supplies will save you time and money
  • Customised solution for your specific needs
  • High-quality end product
  • Sustainable horticultural products