The Perfect Solution for Tissue Culture Plant Propagation

If you are a plant grower, you know that successful plant propagation requires a lot of work and attention to detail. Choosing the best plug trays ensures healthy and robust plant growth.

Xcel Plug, Xcellent Plug, Xtract Plug and Flexi Plugs are the latest innovations in plant propagation technology that are changing the game for growers. From pre-filled trays to unique plug designs, these products are helping growers produce healthy plants more efficiently and effectively than ever before.


Xcel Plug

Xcel plugs are the perfect solution for growers who want to save time and reduce labour costs. They are designed to provide growers with a more efficient and cost-effective way of propagating young plants.

The pre-filled plug trays eliminate the need to fill trays with plugs, thus reducing labour costs and saving growers precious time.


Flexi Plug

Flexi Plugs enable growers to transplant young plants earlier and faster, giving them greater control over the entire crop cycle. The plugs' optimal environment ensures uniform growth of plants, and their aeration and water retention capabilities provide a stable and consistent environment for root growth.

The trays arrive pre-moistened, and growers only need to add water if necessary. Misting seeds or water in cuttings is all that's required to keep the plugs moist to the touch but not wet. Flexi Plugs are suitable for traditional greenhouse and hydroponic growers as they remain stable in hydroponic production and won't clog filters.

With Flexi Plugs, growers can take their propagation process to the next level and achieve a higher level of success.


Xcellent Plug

When it comes to tissue culture plants, their delicate root structures need to be handled with care. The Xcellent Plug is a game-changer, thanks to its patented design that minimises the risk of root damage during the planting process. This unique design creates a perfect environment for inserting the plant into the plug, giving it the best chance for uniform growth.

Additionally, the plug's overall composition promotes optimal air and water provision to the root zone, ensuring healthy and robust growth of the plant.

The Xcellent Plug is available in bulk cases, making it ideal for laboratories and large-scale propagation. Furthermore, matching propagation trays are supplied as required, giving you complete control over your plant propagation process.

With Xcellent Plug, you can rest assured that your lab plants are getting the best start possible, leading to a healthy and thriving crop.


Xtract Plug

Xtract Plug Trays are a highly effective and efficient option for growers looking to propagate various plant species. Made with a combination of peat, coco coir, and foam binder, these plugs offer excellent moisture retention and aeration capabilities, creating the ideal environment for successful plant growth.

The versatility of Xtract Plugs makes them an excellent choice for the propagation and cultivation of annuals, perennials, and tree nursery crops.

They are especially effective for the production of cuttings and tissue culture, allowing growers to achieve uniform growth of their plants with ease.

Xtract Plugs are available in a variety of tray sizes - 45, 60, 84, 104, or 126 plugs per tray. This allows growers to choose the tray size that best suits their needs, whether they are producing a small batch of plants or a large-scale crop.


The Benefits of These Innovations

The benefits of these latest innovations in plant propagation technology are numerous. For one, the convenience of pre-filled plug trays means that growers can save time and reduce labor costs. With the plugs already in place, there is no need to spend time filling trays with plugs, making the process more efficient.

The unique design of Xcellent Plugs ensures optimal growth and minimises the risk of damage to the root structure, while Xtract Plugs are perfect for the production of cuttings and tissue culture.

Moreover, these innovations promote uniform growth and healthier plants. The optimal environment created by Flexi Plugs, Xcel Plugs, Xcellent Plugs, and Xtract Plugs ensures that the right amount of air and water is provided to the root zone, promoting optimal growth and reducing the risk of disease.

In addition, with greater control over the entire crop cycle, growers can produce healthier plants with greater consistency, reducing the risk of crop failures and ultimately increasing their profits.

Flexi Plugs, Xcel Plug Trays, Xcellent Plugs, and Xtract Plug Trays are excellent options for growers looking to improve their plant propagation process. With pre-filled plug trays, the ability to transplant young plants earlier and faster, and the unique design of each Plug minimises the risk of damaging the root structure; growers can achieve better plant growth and save time and labour costs.

The Plug's versatility and availability in trays of varying sizes make it an ideal choice for a wide range of annuals, perennials, and tree nursery crops. Whether you're a traditional greenhouse or hydroponic grower, these plug trays can help create an optimal environment for successful plant propagation.

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