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Poor propagation costs you more than money

Plant Performance

Poor strike rate

High shrinkage

Poor root structure

Slow growth

Production Inefficiency

Cumbersome procedures

Inefficient handling

Low mechanisation

Excess space requirements


Excess resource consumtion

High plastic waste

Improve profits with our proven propagation products.

Plug Trays - Substrates & Growing Media - Machinery - Fertilisers

Less Shrinkage

Grow more plants with better roots resulting in less gaps to save space.

Better Efficiency

Improve your bottom line with premade products and equipment to reduce complexity and handling.

Improved Sustainability

Feel comfortable knowing your moving towards sustainability and reduced plastic use.

We're horticulturalists too - we know how frustrating plant loss can be. 

All of our products have been tried and tested, so you only get the best.

Over 70, 000, 000 Ellepots sent to cusomers since 2002
40 years of growing experience 
2002 Qld Primary Industry - Business Innovation Award

Testimonial Eureka

"We have been using the Ellepots for around 5 years now.  Initially it was just for propagation and our smaller cuttings.  We now use the jumbo sizes to step up rooted cuttings in Ellepots.
We use all sizes – from the 209 trays right up to the Jumbos.
We have found that the Ellepots allow us to produce our plants not only faster but at a higher quality than in traditional potting or propagation medium.
The service and communication from Proptec is outstanding.
We highly recommend the Ellepots to any nursery.  It has been an invigorating and enlightening product for us!!!"
Beth Gordon
Eureka Plants


Congratulations to Brad and Sally Skinner for having the foresight and vision to set up Proptec, the company. Ellepot products and trays plus the Quick Plug range will change the way we propagate in Australia. I have and will continue to use those products as the results far out exceed my existing processes.


Director, Glenfield Wholesale Nursery

Solving propagation shrink of your crops requires change.

This change up in methods, can improve your efficiencies for decades to come. 

Whether it is our stabilised substrates (Quick Plugs), Ellepots or one of our inorganic solutions such as Oasis, Proptec products have been refined to make our solution unique and ahead of the game.

So, engage with us to explore our proven solutions and arrange a trial. We deliver to all states with confidence they will arrive in great condition and ready to plant into. 

Regular orders of Ellepots can be delivered in returnable Corpacks, reducing packaging waste, or non-returnable pallets and Visy bins on pallets.

Learn how you can reduce your shrinkage 

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Modify according to outcome



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Are you seeking improvement?

In order to achieve that you need proven propagation tools. The problem is, you have tried other products that didn’t work! Disapointing for sure! We believe that improvements come by understanding your needs. We know the disappointment of poor strike rates. We have used most of our products and know how each performs.

Here is how it works. Step one is to speak with our horticulturists. Step two is to tailor your trial product and step three is to discuss your results and refine the solution.

Arrange a call so you can experience better rooting and produce plants to be proud of.

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