Substrate GT1 +10% Perl 0-7mm 6000L

One 6000L Big bale of fine substrate with perlite. 0-7mm Brown, Sod & Light Peat +10% Perlite pH - 6.0 NPK - 0.8Kg + Wetting Agent Trace elements - 0.1Kg

A natural peat substrate for small and medium size fractions with a fertiliser, balanced PH level. It is intended for seed germination, vegetative propagation and growing of salt-sensitive plants.

Sod Peat 0-7 mm + Light peat 0-7mm + 10% Perlite
PH: 5.5 – 6.5 WA 0.1 l/m3
NPK 0.8kg/m3 & Trace Elements. 0.1 l/m3
Min Sales Order Qty 1.00
Multiple Sales Order Qty 1.00
Units Per Pallet 1.00
Brand Greenterra
Type Substrate
Format Pallet
Material Peat
Plug Volume (ml) 6000.00