Proptek Tray-15ct 80mm 100 Deep

One long life tray for 80mm Ellepots.

The 15 Cell Sleeve and Trays is designed to hold an 80mm Ellepot. The benching tray holds either 15 shallow (100mm) Ellepots or 15 sleeves that hold a deep (200mm) Ellepot. The sleeve slots easily into the tray and is easily lifted out manually or mechanically for grading and spacing etc.

Dimensions: 300mm x 500mm x 100mm.
Min Sales Order Qty 160.00
Multiple Sales Order Qty 160.00
Units Per Pallet 160.00
Qty Per Carton 5.00
Brand Proptek
Type Air-Tray
Format Inject Mould
Material Polypropylene
Plug Diameter 80.00
Cell Count 15
Plug Depth 100.00
Plug Volume 502.00

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