Proptek Tray-48ct 40mm 90mm Deep

Long life rigid tray for 40mm Ellepots.

New for 2021, this 48 cell stacking tray holds 48 individual 40mm diameter Ellepots. A 40mm wide Ellepot is the perfect size for propagating many types of forestry, landscape, woody ornamental and native plants. This size of Ellepot can then be easily stepped up to an even larger Ellepot (such as an 80mm or 100mm). A hole is drilled in the larger Ellepot and the 40mm is simply slotted in, making stepping up a very quick and efficient operation.

Tray dimensions: 280mm x 375mm x 100mm.
Plant Density: 438 per sq.m.

Min Sales Order Qty 286.00
Multiple Sales Order Qty 286.00
Units Per Pallet 286.00
Brand Proptek
Type Air-Tray
Format Inject Mould
Material Polypropylene
Plug Diameter (mm) 40.00
Cell Count 48
Plug Depth (mm) 90.00
Plug Volume (ml) 113.00