ProptekTray-8ct 100mm 115mm Deep

Rigid long life tray for 100mm Ellepots.

The 8 Cell Sleeve and Tray is designed to hold a 100mm Ellepot. The benching tray holds either 8 shallow (115mm) Ellepots or 8 sleeves that hold a deep (230mm) Ellepot.

Dimensions: 250mm x 500mm x 120mm.

Plant Density: 55 per sq.m.

Min Sales Order Qty 144.00
Multiple Sales Order Qty 144.00
Units Per Pallet 144.00
Qty Per Carton 4.00
Brand Proptek
Type Air-Tray
Format Inject Mould
Material Polypropylene
Plug Diameter 100.00
Cell Count 8
Plug Depth 115.00
Plug Volume 902.00